Will Building A New Downstairs Toilet Add Value To My House

ImageWith a great number of renovation-project television shows being broadcast and watched about the country, countless people are considering making improvements on their homes, in order to increase on-line when the time comes to get a new dwelling. A popular idea is usually to add a downstairs toilet and hand basin into a house which only features an upstairs toilet usually from the bathroom. This project is not by far the most simple – but could be much less expensive than adding a new kitchen’s or other project ideas suggested from the popular home make-over shows. Can adding a downstairs toilet add in excess of just financial value to your property?

Advantages of Downstairs Toilet For Your Home.

The most prevalent choice – either through deficit of space or budget – is usually to simply add a hand basin and toilet from the new project room. Even this simple design will be needing great planning – a ventilated bedroom, and space for the commode and skin, as well as meeting almost any requirements a WC has close to you.

The most obvious benefit of any downstairs toilet is the convenience it will eventually add. Being able to create a relaxing bath in the your bathroom, without being disturbed by close relatives requiring access is a huge benefit without attention.

It would also be effective when friends come over, the lack to let guests upstairs will improve safety avoiding access to bedrooms and particular bathroom items. Here are some downstairs toilet ideas for you

Disadvantages of some sort of Downstairs Toilet.

Unfortunately if you are considering installing a downstairs toilet solely with the finical benefits when you go to sell the property – an up to date survey found that; while you might recover the costs of installations on the new room, it will not gain profits increase on the value on the overall property. It is a feature which may make a potential buyer chooses the house over the next door household for sale – but it doesn’t make your house sell for just a premium. The best example could well be if you paid £3000 with the installation, and your home could typically sell for £100, 000 – one more downstairs toilet would make the property sell for £103, 000


As is clear to view, a new toilet will assist you to recover your costs when it truly is time to sell, but will not likely make a higher profit, though it will eventually improve your chances of some sort of sale.


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